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Meet our wonderful and talented cast!

Meet our Kiss Kiss Coquettes - Our beautiful cast of burlesque beauties includes:Kiss Kiss Coquettes 2nd Anniversary

Bella Canto, Camille Leon, Deja Sue, Elle Rioux, EV Velour, Naughty Natanya, Melody Unchained, Minnie Minx, Slightly Spitfire & Vivi Valens!

Plus, our choreographers Amee Binder & Erica Reid!

Cigarette Girls

The lovely ladies that will greet you with a wink and a smile: Ada Lavender, Audrey Tawdry, Candy Dish, Gaea Lady, Emma Glitterbomb, Miss Kitty Oaks, and Ms.Demeanor!



The Flattery Brothers (& Little Sis)

Every performance is presided over by one of those Fabulous Flatterys: Les, Mo, Grabbo, M.T., Chesty, or Max! 


The Claptrap Family Orchestra

Our house band features delightful accordion, drums, guitar & bass playing by: Werner Von Claptrap, and Velma Claptrap



The Amazing Tomas 

Our amazing magician will trick, delight, confuse and befuddle you with his fast hands and magic cards! 

Brad FrenchDH_Valentines.jpg

That Juggling Guy (The Silver Fox) has been delighting audiences around the world and thrill ours every week!

Movements of Magic

David & Hannah are the masters of bodies in flight. Come see our "Strong Man" and "Fly Girl" twist, twirl and arabesque to delight and amaze you.

Our Amazing Production Crew!
From lights to sound to production and marketing, these are the hard-working troops that keep the show running so smoothly!


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