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Max Flattery and Les Flattery



Max Flattery (Chris O. Biddle) is the producer & director of the Kiss Kiss Cabaret. Previous to his work on this show, he also produced and directed Peek-A-Boo with Jenn Kincaid and was a long-time ensemble member of the Belmont Burlesque Revue. Chris has performed comedy and improv in Chicago since 2000, performing at the Second City Skybox, ImprovOlympic, Improv Kitchen, and the Playground Theater as a member of “International Stinger.” He is available to host your event, party or Bat Mitzvah at a criminally low, low price.

Les Flattery (J. Ben Parker) is a popular Chicago improviser and comedian who can be seen performing at ImprovOlympic and at the Playground Theater. Ben is originally from Kentucky, where he met Chris O. Biddle performing together in an outdoor drama in the summer of 1999. Good times!

Fan Quotes: "The whole show is driven along by Max Flattery who alternately and professionally compliments, insults and even good naturedly sexually harasses the audience."
Lee Klawans -

" There was an awesome MC who was part comedian part old school circus ringleader." Em.F. (Yelp)
"Les Flattery made me laugh constantly." Tanya G. (Yelp)
"It looks like the emcee changes from time to time - ours was Les Flattery and he was awesome." Johnnie W. (Yelp)
"I liked our host Les Flattery. He was great; my boyfriend and I were both cracking up at him all night. " Holly M. (Yelp)

"I particularly like how the main MC, Max Flattery, paces the show- buying time between sets for glitter clean-up but not self-indulging in too many bad jokes or monologues." Ursula S. (Yelp)
"Max Flattery kept the mood light and fun" Jeremy G. (Yelp)
"the host, Max Flattery, makes the show." Melissa S. (Yelp)
"Mr. Max Flattery can really make you laugh out loud." Anna K. (Yelp)


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